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Waste to resource


Repulp mission is recycling plastic waste for producing long-lasting products.

It origines from our experience in the plastics sector of producers and recyclers, in Selene S.p.A, where Repulp was born as a spin-off, at the conclusion of the European Life Eco-Pulplast project. It is possible to read a summary of the project on the European union Life portal at this link.

The technology we have developed allows us to design and manufacture pallets and logistics accessories using 100% recycled plastic from waste by injection molding.

Our mission is to recover plastic, even that one present in the separate collection of paper, to create new and sustainable products, which can be recycled as well.

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A environmental positive pallet

We believe it is necessary to recover resources from waste to protect the planet we live in.

Repulp continues the Life Eco-Pulplast project, which has successfully completed the production of a recycled plastic pallet recovered from the waste of the paper district, the pulper waste.

Given the increasing importance of the pallet in the international movement of goods, it is a challenge for us to be able to use waste and scraps from production activities to create a useful product in every industry and in every production sector.

Today every fabricated pallet increases the recovery of plastic and pulper waste, saving CO2.

That’s why our pallets are different from the others.

A durable, recyclable and sustainable pallet, through which the logistic of the companies can spread a message of an environmental-friendly ethics, while reducing costs in the long term.