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Pulper: from waste to resource


We have developed an innovative production line, the Ecopulplast technology, to process the heterogeneous plastics contained in the pulper waste, which is the significant fraction of the waste dismissed by paper mills working with recycled paper.

We can obtain a raw material that can be used for various products; the first one we have chosen is the eco-sustainable pallet.

LIFE-Ecopulplast is the European project from which our r-pallet was born. Its focus is to transform the pulper into material to be used in new products with a view to the efficient use of resources and the promotion of a circular economy. Selene Spa was the lead company of the project, the first promoter of Repulp, our reality.

In addition to Selene, three other partners participated, different from each other but united by a common goal: eco-sustainability.


Nascita di r-pallet fase 1

During the recycling and treatment of waste paper (therefore already a virtuous recycling process), a waste called precisely “pulper waste” is produced: a mixture of plastics, metals, cellulose and moisture residues normally intended only for landfill or incinerator.

Nascita di r-pallet fase 2

Thanks to special washing systems, we separate this waste into its components: more than a third is made up of heterogeneous plastics on which we intervene to make them reusable.

Nascita di r-pallet fase 3

We grind the plastics in small parts, then we melt them and convey them in a mould where they complete the cooling cycle: the pulper waste is reborn, the pallet is ready to enter the market.

Nascita di r-pallet fase 4

Once ready, the pallet can be used by the same paper mills that supplied the pulper waste, but also by all the other companies that use logistics services and need a long-lasting and eco-sustainable product.

Tecnologia del progetto life-ecopulplast