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Repulp mission is recycling plastic waste for producing long-lasting products. 

It origins from our experience in the plastics sector as producers and recyclers in Selene S.p.A .  Repulp was born as a spin-off, collecting the know-how of the European Life Eco-Pulplast projectIt is possible to read a summary of the project on the European union Life portal at this link.

The special technology allows us to design and manufacture pallets and logistics accessories using 100% recycled plastic from waste by injection molding. 

Our mission is to recover plastic, even that one present in the separate collection of paper, to create new and sustainable products, which can be recycled as well.


Innovation and research

The products made by Repulp are born from the reuse of the plastic fraction of the pulper waste, the main waste of the paper mills that use as raw material recycled paper.

The transformation method of these mixed plastics involves a difficult and original process that aims to give value to the fractions that are obtained.

In the production process, heterogeneous plastics are divided into polyolefins contaminated with aluminum, separating them from the unusable fraction, which can be processed to create second life products.

For research and development activities Repulp also makes use of the consultancy of institutional partners to build collaboration and study networks and share know-how.


In Repulp we recover the plastic fraction that should be disposed of in landfills or in the waste-to-energy plant.

Our products are eco-sustainable because they are made from waste materials and can be re-granulated and reprinted many times.

The concept of durability therefore becomes a long period that goes from the first molding of the product to the subsequent different possible recoveries thanks to the regranulation of the 100% recyclable material.

It is a matter of moving from the linear economy, where it is used and then discarded, to the circular economy in which it is used and recycled at the end of use, offering better environmental performance.


r-pallet means helping the environment and reusing plastics that would otherwise have been disposed of in landfills.

The lowercase letter r in front of pallets defines the origin of the material, therefore recovered from waste.


The products made by Repulp can be customized by applying a 3D logo agreed with the customer and an RFID system for the traceability of the pallet during the molding phase.

Our commitment

Always more year of saved CO2
Always more year of pulper waste avoiding landfill
Always more plastic recovered